Plant Design Engineering and PDMS Services!

Insight Design Consultant (IDC) provides a comprehensive end-to-end plant design and engineering services incorporating all aspects of piping, civil & structural, electrical & instrumentation. Our Project Management team utilizes Plant Design Management System (PDMS) software, leveraging Process Engineering and Mechanical Engineering solutions. As you look to expand your business, ramp up or revitalize your production capabilities, introduce new sophisticated machinery and increase efficiency to reduce operating costs, our engineers are ready and waiting to bring you the latest breakthroughs in plant design.

IDC’s mechanical engineering team assists in the bidding proposal and evaluation phase that includes bid evaluation and estimation, design engineering, detailed design ( 3D modelling and 2D drafting), and analysis and calculations. Our team also helps in manufacturing/construction support documentation (Preparation of fabrication drawings, GA, layouts, etc.), as-built drawing preparation, and project setup and administration. Our design team is composed of engineers experienced in designing of industrial processing plants of oil & gas, pharma, mining, energy & distribution, manufacturing, and automobile sectors. Our team excels in machine engineering and finite element analysis, plant layout and maintenance, to fully integrated, multi-discipline industrial plant design.

Our PDMS Service Expertise

As a global leader in Plant Design Engineering, we provide the following services in the areas of Piping, Civil & Structural, Electrical & Instrumentation, and Equipment:

Process Engineering Services by Insight Design Consultant

  • Heat and Mass Transfer Calculations
  • Pipe Sizing Calculations
  • Flow Diagram Preparation
  • Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Line List preparation
  • Pressure Drop Calculations
  • Network Analysis (PIPENET)
  • Process Data Sheets
  • As-Built

Piping Engineering for Plant Design

Making use of our simulation and material selection expertise, IDC provides piping engineering services to support your plant design requirements ensuring ample flow and pressure distribution to the entire plant. Following are our piping engineering services:

  • Equipment Layout Plan & Elevation
  • Piping & Valves Specifications
  • Piping Layouts Plan & Sections
  • Isometrics
  • Nozzle Orientation
  • Piping Support Drawings
  • Insulation & Painting Specifications
  • Material Take Off
  • Drawings for Statutory Approval
  • Valve and Bend Stress Analysis
  • Flow Analysis

Material Handling and Procurement Assistance Supporting Plant Design

Our Mechanical Engineering services support your plant design through its life cycle, offering:

  • Consolidated Bill of Quantity
  • Material Handling study and Reports
  • Static Equipment Design and Drawings

Our Project Management Support Services

Our Project Management capabilities enable us to provide a full suite of PDMS services. We are there with you from the start as you develop PDMS inputs, including:

  • Project Description and Details
  • Bid Documents / Scope of work
  • Client specification & Standards (PMS/VMS/Support Standards/Stress Philosophy/Drawing Standards)
  • Plot layout Plan
  • Project execution methodology
  • Platform to execute the Project (2D/3D)
  • Software to be used to execute
  • PFD's, P&ID's, Line List, Equipment List,
  • Civil & Structural Drawings
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Instrument Hook-Up's & Drawings
  • Safety Equipment Layout Drawings

PDMS Deliverables Supported by Insight Design Consultant

As your Plant Design matures, we support all of your PDMS Deliverables, from BOMs to As-Built Drawings. Specifically, we support the following PDMS Deliverables:

  • Piping RFQ, BOM (Bill of Materials) / MTO (Material Take Off),
  • Stress Critical Line List
  • Layout Development
  • Piping General Arrangement Drawings
  • Pipe Support General Arrangement Drawings
  • Pipe Support Details
  • Isometrics
  • Tie-In Schedules
  • Stress Analysis & Reports
  • Piping Modeling
  • As-Built Drawings

Our PDMS Review and Acceptance Support Services

Our team also provides PDMS Review and Acceptance support services and configuration management, including Rev-A issued for comments, Rev-B issued for approval, and Rev-0 issued for construction/fabrication (revisions are limited to A, B & 0). Our core strengths in PDMS range from project set-up to GA drawings and Progress Tracking. Specifically, we provide the following areas of expertise:

  • Partner in Project Set-Up (Global or Local)
  • Spec & Catalogue Development
  • Extraction of
    • Isometrics drawings and Spooler Isometrics for Fabrication.
    • Piping GA drawings.
    • Structural Design & Detail GA drawings.
    • E&I GA drawings
  • Generation of Reports (MTO’s, BOM’s, Weight, Surface Area & COG)
  • 3D Modelling (All discipline) + MDS for Support Modelling.
  • Clash Detection & Resolution.
  • Progress Tracking
  • Managing databases, servers and systems, backing up and restoring data.
  • Template Creation in line with Client Standard.

Insight Design Consultant Can be Your PDMS Partner for Five Simple Reasons

Based on the simple design, we deliver comprehensive plant engineering services by providing intelligent engineering designs and the related documentation. Following are the key benefits of our PDMS services:

  • We are proficient with Macros for modelling and Drafting which can reduce repetitive works which are involved in project
  • Our quality process ensures extensive use of Review Software’s for progress and clash management of the project
  • Our In-House PDMS Database houses a wide variety of component catalogues & Draft Libraries, ensuring that minimum effort is spent to get the optimum benefit
  • Customization of PDMS to meet client standards
  • Quick ramp up of engineers, draftsmen with hiring, training and deployment using Global delivery centers in India and across the world. Let us become your partner and watch your business grow faster than you had ever imagined.

Frequently Asked Questions

What format can the drawings be sent in?

The files can be sent in any graphics format like TIFF, JPEG or PDF. Paper drawings can be couriered to our office. AutoCAD drawings may be emailed to us for 3D modeling and animation.

What drawing standards are followed?

We follow the standards you set. We can also use default standards such as the AIA guidelines.

How do we communicate?

Communication can be done by email, phone, fax, or online chat. We can also set up an FTP transfer for our clients.

In what resolution can the paper drawings be scanned?

The paper drawings can be scanned starting from 150 DPI – 200 DPI, and the most important part is the clarity of the information sent.

Can drawings be sent through fax?

You can fax your drawings to us, though it may lead to a loss of quality and information.

What kind of turnaround time can be expected?

The turnaround time depends on the project and the output required. We can work with short deadlines if needed.

Do you spell-check the drawings?

Yes, we maintain the quality of the drawings. We may, however, need a glossary or interpretation of architectural terminology if the language used is not English.

How do you ensure the security of data?

Regarding projects, we do not disclose any computer and/or paper data generated by us or sent to us.

How do you send heavy data files?

We can transfer a large amount of data through our high-speed internet services. Also, we can burn a CD and post it to you as per your convenience.

Are these services permissible under the law?

Yes. These Net-Enabled services are covered under the WTO agreement and are signed by more than 110 countries.

If you have any queries, please contact us!

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